About Imperative Execution Inc.

Imperative Execution creates efficient financial trading venues with smarter and faster technology. We believe in the engineering approach to market design - systematically optimizing our matching to improve trade execution.

Our first product, IntelligentCross ATS, is a new US equities venue engineered to minimize market impact -- the key implicit cost of trading. Unlike conventional venues, where the crosses are triggered by order arrivals and quote changes, which often leak information and contribute to market impact, IntelligentCross matches at discrete times systematically calibrated for each stock. It uses a machine learning engine that modulates the speed of its trading, based on real-time measurement of its own performance, towards an optimal sweet-spot frequency of matching – one that minimizes market impact while preserving maximum liquidity.

We are practitioners: traders, analysts and engineers from "the trenches" of trading in the markets. Our perspective on the ecosystem of exchanges, investors and traders allows us to identify and focus on what really matters. We are funded by our clients and strategic investors to create more efficient markets.

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