Trading Platform Software Engineer (C++/Linux)

Stamford, Connecticut, United States


We create and operate securities exchanges to reduce friction in trading. Our core product, IntelligentCross ATS, is a new US equities venue that uses machine learning to minimize market impact — the key implicit cost of trading. We are practitioners - traders, analysts and engineers from "the trenches" of trading in the markets - who set out to build the market we wish we had. We are hiring for the position of Principal Trading Platform Engineer (C++/Linux).


Be a part of the team that is building a new exchange platform from the ground up. We have no legacy code, use the latest hardware and software, and leverage decades of experience to create a high performance, scalable and automated trading system.


You’ll have an opportunity to design, implement and optimize critical parts of the system and contribute to key design decisions.


Ideally you'll have:

As well as be:


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